A native of San Diego, Samantha Sanchez is currently finishing a degree in psychology as well as in social and behavioral science. Having a background in both church and drama, she hopes to use her degree and creativity to reach and relate to many people in her community and beyond helping them learn to understand themselves and each other.

Prodigal started as a story about what I was going through in a “relationship” with a guy. It’s not a true story it’s a mixture of real people and a fictional situation. During that relationship I felt so lost and dead inside I was depressed and angry for a good year of my life and then God told me to pick up a pen and start writing. Everything that I was feeling, everything that was happening and how I felt about what was happening, because I wasn’t the only woman in the world to feel this way or be made to feel this way by the people surrounding her. I wrote this story for those women. Every woman in the world can relate to hurt and pain and a bad situation. Women everywhere have felt the trauma of loss and the anger and hate that comes with it. That pain however is not exclusively owned by Women even though it may seem like it. I wrote this with the message to all to really let go and allow yourself to be healed. It’s not going to happen overnight but it’s better than holding on to it and letting everything eat you up inside.

There was a voice in my head that told me to walk away, let it go and another voice tellin me that all I’d ever done was walk away and people never stopped…..‘Your name is Lyric and you can’t let this slide anymore, he needs to learn what happens when you come disrespectful. Last night wasn’t enough. It’s time to teach him and everyone else that you not the one to play with.’

Lyric is 21 years old and bored with the inhibited lifestyle of endless church activities she’s been forced to participate in since childhood. Harboring insecurities about her weight and beauty she is elated when she is cast in a reality show and moves in with five strangers under the premise of pursuing further education. However, a surprise pregnancy causes her life to take an unexpected turn. The additional weight and the disregard from the child’s father, cause her insecurities to deepen as her pains and humiliation are documented for everyone to see. The show becomes a hit and she a star but now she has to find a way not to let the pain she feels destroy her heart and poison her soul.

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